Bob - October 4th, 1952

Barracks inspection is making life hard on Bob and company. So much so that he has to resort to some water closet stationary for this letter. Marj isn't the only one who can be mischievous as Bob and Co. manage to squirrel away some orange juice. Bob passes the OCS test and may get into the Chemical Corps. Only a few more days of processing before they move on to the next stop.

Narrated and Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Many thanks to Stephen Tramontozzi for the music in this episode. The intro and outro music is from Renovations off his new album Walkabout. © Copyright - Stephen Tramontozzi

Bob and Marj is a true epistolary podcast. You can read the original letter from this episode below. My grandmother (Marj) framed this letter so I was not able to scan it. I apologize for the subpar picture quality. If you got a letter written on toilet paper, you’d might want to frame it too!

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