Bob - October 19th, 1952

Bob is finally assigned to a company. He and his S&P pals are the newest members of the 516th Airborne Infantry Regiment. They don't have a full company yet so they still can't start basic training. Not that Bob minds, he's been able to relax by reading and listening to classical music (and drinking a beer or three)!


516th Airborne Infantry Regiment

Army Security Agency

The Big Sky

The Caine Mutiny

Kitchen Patrol

The Turning Point

Springfield Rifle

Alton is definitely not 150 miles from Breckinridge (nice try Bob)


Narrated and Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Many thanks to Stephen Tramontozzi for the music in this episode. The intro and outro music is from Renovations off his new album Walkabout. © Copyright - Stephen Tramontozzi

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