Bob - October 16th, 1952

Bob once again hits the road as the troop makes it to Camp Breckinridge from Fort Knox. For once, it seems like they might actually stay at this camp for more than a few days. One of the other engineers who makes the trip is Jule Garavaglia, an Italian Detroiter with a Brooklyn accent. Despite the hectic travel itinerary, Bob has managed to read almost two books in two days, with some reading about the theory of relativity thrown in for fun!


Camp Breckinridge

Ike Jacket

My Gun is Quick

The Big Sky

The Universe and Dr. Einstein

Narrated and Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Many thanks to Stephen Tramontozzi for the music in this episode. The intro and outro music is from Renovations off his new album Walkabout. © Copyright - Stephen Tramontozzi

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