Marj - "Baby Bumblebee" - Nov. 8-9, 1952

Marj fights through some doom and gloom and goes Christmas shopping in St. Louis on Saturday. She's cheered up by the cute kids admiring the store's window decorations. On Sunday, she recounts a tale worthy of The Andy Griffith Show or I Love Lucy. Other topics include draft classifications and Will Rogers.


The Story of Will Rogers




“Time at the tone”

Draft Classification: 1-D

Mt. Vernon, IL

Be My Baby Bumblebee

Narrated by Arnelle Kodjo

Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Many thanks to Stephen Tramontozzi for the music in this episode. The intro and outro music is from Renovations off his new album Walkabout. © Copyright - Stephen Tramontozzi

Bob and Marj is a true epistolary podcast. You can read the original letter and extras from this episode below.

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