Marj - "Goodbye, Mr. Earle" - Nov. 13, 1952

Marj writes a one-pager from Springfield to deliver some scandalous news. Jane, her boss in Alton, is temporarily managing the neighboring office in Woodriver. She’s taking over for Mr. Earle who was just fired for stealing money from the company. Marj finds the whole thing distressing, but she’s moving up in the world, (go Marj, go)!


Woodriver, IL


Narrated by Arnelle Kodjo

Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Many thanks to Stephen Tramontozzi for the music in this episode. The intro and outro music is from Renovations off his new album Walkabout. © Copyright - Stephen Tramontozzi

Bob and Marj is a true epistolary podcast. You can read the original letter and extras from this episode below.

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