67. Marj - “Rain in Champaign” - Mar. 3, 1953

Marj takes the morning train to Champaign due to road conditions. She has to work that afternoon, but her manager rewards her with Fighting Illini basketball tickets. The next day, despite the weather, she goes out for a delicious supper with friends. Other news includes Stalin’s stroke and near death.

Links for Context:

Tilden Hall Hotel

Stalin’s Stroke and Death


Narrated by Arnelle Kodjo

Produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Music by Stephen Tramontozzi – you can find his latest work here.

Mar. 3, 1953 (Marj) Envelope
Mar. 3, 1953 (Marj) Page 1
Mar. 3, 1953 (Marj) Page 2
Mar. 3, 1953 (Marj) Page 3
Mar. 3, 1953 (Marj) Peanuts