61. Marj - “You Best Stay in Maryland” - Feb. 22, 1953

Marj bakes some cookies, pays her taxes, goes to the movies, and has a tooth extracted in a productive weekend. The army approves Bob’s move to Arizona and she is not happy about the Yuma-to-Alton telephone rates.

Links for Context:

The Grand Theater

The Lusty Men

Point of No Return


Narrated by Arnelle Kodjo and produced by Luca Tramontozzi

Music by Stephen Tramontozzi – you can find his latest work here.

Feb. 22, 1953 (Marj) Envelope
Feb. 22, 1953 (Marj) Page 1
Feb. 22, 1953 (Marj) Page 2
Feb. 22, 1953 (Marj) Page 3
Oh Happy Man Cartoon
Cary Grant Newspaper Clipping
Chemistry Lab Explosion Cartoon