Bob and Marj is a podcast that features letters my grandparents wrote to each other in the early 1950s after he was drafted into the Korean War. Every episode is a narrated letter and they are released on the day that they wrote them exactly 66 years later. Bob was in the U.S. Army from October 1952-January 1954 and the podcast series subsequently runs from October 2018-January 2020.

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Luca Tramontozzi is the creator and producer of the podcast, as well as the voice of Bob. A grandson of Bob and Marj, he found the letters in Bob’s old office and has wanted to share this family treasure with the rest of the world ever since. He currently lives in Boston, MA.

Arnelle Kodjo is the voice of Marjorie. Originally from Maryland, she recently completed her BA in Athletic Training and is currently pursing a Doctor of Physical Therapy, both from Boston University. She has a particular set of skills; she can voice act, draw ambidextrously, beatbox, speak french, and has managed to watch what we think is approximately 90% of Netflix.