Bob and Marj features the letters my grandparents wrote to each other in the early 1950s after he was drafted into service for the Korean War. My Opa (a.k.a. Bob) died when I was 7 years old so I don’t have many memories of him growing up. Oma (that’s Marj) lives on, but she never moved on. She kept his office in the attic of the house just as he left it for 20 years. As kids we were almost never allowed up. A few years ago, Oma moved into a nursing home, and with heavy hearts we cleaned out the house in which two generations of the family grew up. I choked back tears, often unsuccessfully, as we dismantled decades of memories. However, in the far corner of the office, Oma and Opa left a surprise that softened our sorrow. In a dusty cardboard box lay almost two hundred letters, almost seventy years old, still in their original envelopes.

There is no way to express what this wealth of new memories means to me, but this podcast is a start. The least I can do is share these letters with my family and the rest of the world.